Jean-Michel FLOC'H

Language Skills

  • French
  • English (fluent)
  • Chinese (intermediate)

About Jean-Michel Floc'h

Mr. Floc’h is a Franco-Australian educated in Africa, Europe and Asia and now residing in Beijing. He is an ex-senior banker and an experienced businessman. He has over 39 years of international business experience in the Asia-Pacific, 18 years in Africa and Middle East due to a rich career he has focused in developing a deep knowledge base which includes Corporate and investment Banking skill, Private Investment, international financial advisory and fund management services , Business Development, Sales & Marketing and various entrepreneurial activities.

He is Director of several corporations in a partner or shareholder role and from his base in China is involved in setting up operations for a number of multinationals all over the world (Australasia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America).

Due to his in depth knowledge of the region, Mr. Floc’h proposes entry strategies into the Chinese market, expertise in oil, gas, construction, mining, metallurgical and commodity trading, provides client representation and financing solutions and implements projects through a selection of top-tier Chinese partners. He is a senior advisor and management consultant to the industry and government.

For those who wish to invest in China or abroad, Mr. Floc’h is able to facilitate partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions and alliances, as well as corporate finance.


Senior Banker at BNP Paribas and Suez Group Calyon for 26 years. Investor, founder, developer and financier of many business. Adviser to numerous multinational corporations (Alcan, Anglo-American, Vinci Group, Nestle, ABB…) and governmental bodies in China, Thailand, Singapore. Adviser of Financial Institutions, Investment Funds and Banks in China and overseas.


Master of Law and Economics, School of Law, Economics and Sciences, France. International Business and Trade from Cambridge University, UK. D.E.S of International Business Africa, Middle East.