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Closer to our US clients. Closer to your needs.
As a result of a growing number of requests from American corporate and private entities, Luxury Capital Partners now offers a dedicated representative office in USA to assist in Real Estate investments.

Under the responsibility of Mr Rasheed Goldring, former Partner at the Luxury Capital Partners Headquarters, our LCP USA Team provides an on-site expertise to customers who prefer working in similar time zones with dedicated experts who can better understand their needs and expectations.

LCP USA is an officially recognized entity that is committed to comply with all the requirements set out by Luxury Capital Partners based in Switzerland, following a long term partnership agreement that is regularly reviewed. It is a careful blend of Swiss excellence and American proximity, with the one-and-only priority that is to provide our customers with only the best of tailor-made advice.

Our LCP USA Team provides RE expertise in USA such as:

Acquisitions • Disposals • Development & Construction Consulting • Joint Venture • Asset Management • Private Equity
Our LCP USA Team offers American clients a direct and closer contact under the umbrella of the service excellence that characterizes Luxury Capital Partners. Advantages to work with our LCP USA office are numerous and listed below, together with a detailed description of the services offered in USA and the people that will be delighted to assist you.


Based in Washington D.C., the LCP USA office allows our customers to negotiate, deal and conclude business in similar time zones, without the cumbersome delays due to the distance between our Swiss and European offices. This increases efficiency and provides a more pleasant environment to both investors and owners.


A US-based and registered company, LCP USA enjoys a total independence in its daily operations, yet shares the values that we at Luxury Capital Partners have set forth since our creation. This allows US clients or customers who wish to trade on US soil to count on an entity that complies with the existing laws and regulations that prevail in the country, as well as deal with US banking institutions, but count on a Swiss touch of excellence at the same time.

Local expertise

The Real Estate market in USA is among one of the most exciting and fast-evolving in the world. In addition to a guaranteed formal answer to all requests within 48h, LCP USA provides our respected customers with an on-site expertise of the market, continuously updated as the latest opportunities arise. With associates based on both the East and West coasts, LCP USA supports distinguishes itself through a highly flexible availability to rapidly support demands from clients.




All the services offered by LCP USA

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Our partners and associates in USA

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