Dr. Phillip Michael Collins

Language Skills

  • English (fluent)

About Dr. Phillip Michael Collins

Legal Adviser

Dr. Phillip Michael Collins obtained his Doctor of Law degree from the South Texas College of Law and is the Legal Adviser of Luxury Capital Partners. He is a licensed attorney at law and a member of the American Bar Association. In addition to his US citizenship, he also holds a permanent residence permit and working visa in Switzerland allowing him to have a larger knowledge of the international transactions that take place between Luxury Capital Partners and its clients around the world.

Thanks to his second degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mississippi, Dr. Collins is also a Registered Professional Engineer and boasts an impressive extensive experience, leading and managing many large capital investment projects all over the world.  He has worked and lived on every continent except Antarctica as a project manager for large multi-national corporations.

When not travelling between Europe and USA, or lecturing international business law in one of Switzerland’s school of economics , Dr. Collins appreciates to spend a large amount of time in the nature and practicing sport activities.