Precious & noble metals

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Precious stones & metals

Luxury Capital Partners completed its full range of luxury services by adding precious & noble metals at the demand of its highly respected clients, seeking additional investment options for their own personal wealth or to diversify their company's acquisitions. We can provide access to the most sought after commodities, as well as precious metals thanks to narrow contacts in this field, with personal relations in producing countries.
The following services are available to our clients :
  • Sourcing of noble products according to the client’s personal criteria
  • Localization and identification of potential investors for vendors
  • Advisory and counselling with renowned discrete experts
  • Due Diligence on origins & certifications of products
  • Facilitation with logistics (safehouse, import/export tax advisory, security)
  • Sourcing for financing alternatives

Foreign offical field representatives

In order to perform thorough and direct verifications of products on the ground, Luxury Capital Partners selects a very limited number of trusted official field representatives to represent our company’s interests in the evaluation of sellers, the negotiation of our buyers’ expectations and the closing of contracts in their own region.

Proof of product documents and pictures are not considered a reliable proof of existence of the product and are regularly used by scammers. As such, once an official offer has been considered as sufficiently relevant to proceed, all sellers are invited to directly liaise with our official field representative to schedule a face to face meeting and provide a sample of the product they intend to offer for a transaction to us or through us.

Official field representatives must imperatively have a solid relationship with our company, understand the business culture of their country or region of origin, and master both English and local dialects in order to conduct business negotiations on our behalf. In addition to this, they must hold a local passport to facilitate their entry into their own country or region of representation for business purposes, but must spend most of their time abroad to suit the company’s objectives.

Official field representatives may only represent foreign buyers who hold foreign passports in their country or region of representation. This procedure is the same in all countries related to commodities transactions and may suffer no exception. 

Should you wish to verify whether a contact is one of our official field representatives, please ask him for his Certificate of Official Representation in a Foreign Country and contact us by indicating his name and certificate number. If this person is one of our official field representatives we will confirm by email to you within 24 working hours. If not, we will immediately report this person to the competent authorities as part of our fight against scamming.

Please note that we do not have official field representatives in all countries. As such, you may always contact us directly at to secure a direct transaction or be considered for our vetting process which will require at least 5 separate successful transactions for you to be considered, in addition to the requirements mentioned above.

Due Diligence & Fight against scamming

Luxury Capital Partners performs automatic Due Diligence, safety and compliance checks on both buyers and sellers for all traded commodities, in order to protect the interests of our clients and contribute to worldwide general efforts aiming at the reduction of scamming operations in the trading of precious commodities. This implies that our database of sellers specifically, is limited to a handful of carefully chosen and vetted entities.

Business partners or clients who fail to comply with our compulsory verification steps are not allowed to enter into any business relation with us. Furthermore, when there are sufficient reasons to believe that our company has been in contact with scammers, and/or social engineering fraudsters, and/or entities committing perjury not being able to deliver or pay for the requested product in a timely manner, the latter are automatically registered into our internal blacklist shared with our associates and partners, and reported to the competent authorities such as Interpol and the local authorities.

One single person for complete discretion

In a growing globalized world where individuals and entities are broadly connected, our distinguished UHNW clients particularly appreciate to collaborate with one unique point of contact, in full discretion. At Luxury Capital Partners, we understand and respect the intimate bond between our clients and precious metals. As such, we have placed great care in creating an exclusive relationship with both vendors and buyers. Our small team is a highly restricted circle that works in the interest of our clients, and reduces the number of intermediates to one person only.  The highest confidentiality is therefore guaranteed and genuinely appreciated by everyone that decides to trust us.


All noble materials offered through Luxury Capital Partners are confidential. Whether they are precious or rare metals, our company refers to independent external experts for their advice before proceeding with possible transactions. Luxury Capital Partners cherishes long-term commitments and appreciates a continuous follow up on clients, to help them take the right decisions at the ideal time. We do not handle precious stones or metals that we do not possess directly or through mandate. Due to the high level of discretion required in this field, we do not answer questions through our website and kindly invite you to contact Yannick at or Kashan at for more details.

Please note that no pictures are published on this page. No listings of precious products currently managed are sent to potential buyers in order to respect the market and our clients’ need for secrecy.

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