Rasheed A. Goldring

Language Skills

  • English (fluent)
  • Korean (intermediate)
  • Swahili (intermediate)

About Rasheed A. Goldring

Partner – Executive Vice President Investment Americas

Mr. Rasheed A. Goldring is a native Washingtonian and a US national.

Having been born and raised in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C region, USA, he has a unique and ingrained understanding of social, political, financial trends and movements of a global nature. He also has a sound knowledge of both their causes and effects, and what that may mean for the world at large.

Being from an area that many may view as the cradle of Western influence, has undoubtedly molded Mr. Goldring into a global citizen, with a unique perspective on how not only businesses may be optimized for the 21st century, but more importantly, how to leverage the global relationships that subtly underlie all meaningful business developments, in an ever shrinking world.

Mr. Goldring is adept in strategic communication, coalition building, as well as organizational adaptability. He is a product of Howard University’s Political Science Department.

He started his career in real estate as a licensed realtor in Washington D.C,. covering the latter region, Maryland and northern Virginia. His position as a partner in a real estate agency in Virginia allowed him to further increase his abilities in new client acquisition, client retention, preparation of sales contracts and negotiation with investors.

In addition to his professional duties, Mr. Goldring is particularly active in many different social circles and participated in countless events and panels during his studies. He took part in the Howard University delegation to the Hult Prize Global Challenge, sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative and the Hult International Business School and is the Founder of the Howard University Society of Future Diplomats.

Mr. Goldring speaks English, with knowledge of Korean and Swahili.