Real Estate Services

Our Real Estate expertise in USA

Sourcing for commercial assets

We do not believe in providing lists of assets to our clients who will need to decide which asset they wish to proceed with. Our responsibility is to know our clients’ daily issues and challenges to help us understand their most recent needs and identify on a regular basis what will suit their expectations.

Whether they are institutional or individual UHNW entities, our associates and partners spend precious time in contact with them to have a perfect grasp of their strategy and development objectives. Once these are perfectly understood, we start a discrete sourcing of assets that will match our client’s requirements making sure that we are direct to owners and/or personal solicitors. All necessary confidentiality documents are signed, together with a preliminary Due Diligence before the asset is introduced to our client for a first initial decision. If the asset is suitable to proceed, a direct relation is established between buyer and vendor in order to gain precious time and optimize a transparent trustful working environment.

We have access to retail, office, logistical and hospitality assets all across the USA. We do not handle assets unless we can guarantee a direct access to the owner/solicitor, and can deliver.

Sourcing for residential assets

With a an approach and procedure similar to our sourcing of commercial assets, our expertise and support in providing the best residential high-end investment opportunities is specific to LCP USA.

Thanks to an outstanding experience in residential realty, we are proud to assist the most demanding clients in sourcing, identifying and facilitating the acquisition of exquisite properties in the entire country. A few of our internal and external associates boast an impressive track record of success stories in this field, and provide the best of tailor-made solutions to highly discerning customers.

Sourcing for investors

Together with Luxury Capital Partners, LCP USA counts more than 80% of its clients being institutional entities such as funds, insurance companies, banks or hospitality investment companies. As such, we are able to rapidly source for suitable investors for any commercial asset in the USA and in the world if requested.

Similar to our asset sourcing service, we pay close attention to our US investors’ daily operations and therefore strive to identify possible investment opportunities before they express their desire for a potential acquisition. Doing so, we gain precious time and efficiency.

Thanks to our extensive exclusive network in both private and public sectors, we are constantly aware of investors and their purchasing or spending power in the USA.

Sourcing for management contracts

Various clients of ours focus on the management and/or operating of existing assets. As such, they rely on our expertise and network to identify suitable operator contracts that might allow them to rapidly develop in a new region or increase their presence in targetted locations of the world.

LCP USA, together with Luxury Capital Partners headquarters in Switzerland, has a solid background in negotiating and facilitating the setting up of management contracts, especially in the hospitality sector, student accommodation and commercial buildings management. Large operators appreciate our discrete approach to this matter, out of the spotlight, and regulary consult us to source for adequate partners.

Sourcing for funding alternatives

Flexibility is one of the core values at Luxury Capital Partners and we apply this to all LCP USA daily operations, including the sourcing for funding alternatives.

Thanks to a dedicated team that includes former traders and bankers, and in addition to trusted partners active in private banking, pension funds, insurance companies, wealth management, foundations or respected family offices, we are able to rapidly develop various financing options for our clients in the USA.

Joint Venture Advisory

As an independant US company that enjoys a strong partnership with a  globalized Swiss based entity such as Luxury Capital Partners, LCP USA reaches out to 4 different continents with several different cultures represented among both associates and partners. This contributes to a sound experience in dealing with multiple players. As such, Joint Ventures are opportunities that our team feels particularly comfortable with.

With profiles including successful experiences in hospitality, finance trading, banking, marketing, airline industry and government diplomacy, we are proud to provide a 360° understanding of situations with different angles that help our clients decide how to mediate Joint Ventures. This allows them to better understand why factors such as punctuality, timing, preferred countries as partners, might be perceived differently in one part of the world or another, from one industry to another.

Luxury Capital Partners has experience in establishing partnerships in the service industry or hospitality field, and marketing alliances in various industries such as the airline business.