About Us


Simply different.

Luxury Capital Partners is a story, well before a company. The proof of trust between friends, before an official alliance of respected colleagues. It is simply different.

We are a Boutique International Investment and Development consultancy, operational on 4 continents and covering the globe in more than 30 different countries, facilitating mainly sensitive, complex and highly discreet transactions . We are a dedicated team of professionals that was born out of demand from our international clients wanting a single consultancy to handle all their investment requirements. Our difference starts with the profiles of our partners that all boast different backgrounds, offering a 360° vision to our clients and several angles to consider their objectives.

Our Mission

We discreetly search and find exclusive investment opportunities for high-end wealthy individuals or corporate entities, constantly maintaining a direct liaison with our clients to guarantee a regular advisory in absolute secrecy

Our Values


Confidentiality is not enough in the world of high-end investors and we commit to the utmost secrecy in the management of clients’ information and desires. Data is exchanged only after corresponding NCND agreements have been signed and verified. Pictures are not transmitted to external counterparts and our services are never promoted or advertised.


Given the nature of our clients and their requests, we guarantee a maximum flexibility throughout our entire cooperation. Within 24 hours, clients get our first feedback to their personal situation and can expect tailored solutions. Thanks to our large database of high profiles we are able to connect people with the same expectations around the world in little time.


We pay close attention in providing a humble approach to even the most complicated requests. At Luxury Capital Partners, all partners are used to dealing with the most decerning clients. For this reason, discussions and negotiations happen on the same level between all counterparts, fostering healthy and fruitful handlings.


At Luxury Capital Partners, trust is of the essence and is more than a value we all share. It is the founding principle of our partnership and of our relation to our respected clients. They can expect to have a complete trust in our partners, in any action they undertake in their interest and in the outcome of their joint efforts.