Zsolt Katona

Language Skills

  • English (fluent)
  • German (fluent)
  • Hungarian (fluent)

About Zsolt Katona

Associate – Business Development Switzerland & Eastern Europe

Mr Zsolt Katona was born in Hungary and moved to Switzerland for his university studies. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree with honours in International Hotel and Tourism Management, he gained a second degree in Executive Leadership and Business Administration from the prestigious University of St.Gallen. In 2017, he increased his expertise in Hospitality Real Estate investment with an additional certificate from the renowned Cornell University.

Mr Katona’s professional path has allowed him to work in world-class international hotels, tourism management companies and in the global supply chain field before giving in to his childhood passion for turning ideas into tangible success, and creating his own company. Ever since, he is continuously developing his expertise in hospitality, real estate investment and asset management, and sourcing for innovative and disruptive business ideas.

A member of several professional, networking and personal development organizations, Zsolt Katona frequently visits international hospitality, investment and startup conferences. His ultimate passion for hotels and real estate allows him to constantly develop his knowledge and network to provide the best services, making a difference and an impactful change in the industry. Thanks to his global network of industry experts and business professionals, he creates valuable opportunities and very much enjoys working around the globe. A fond traveller open to new cultures, he appreciates to learn about everything. He believes that diversity is the essential element to innovation and that industry changing ideas happen at the intersection where different people, cultures, fields, perspectives meet together.

Mr Katona believes in successful collaboration, mutual trust, high integrity and ethical behavior. In his spare time, he enjoys martial arts, playing the drums, dancing, networking, coaching, public speaking, organizing diverse events. He is highly interested in global entrepreneurship, business modelling, personal development, and is also very active in the startup industry. His latest passion is to write revolutionizing business plans and implement them to create a better predictable future.