LCP multiplies secure and discreet investment options



As the volatility on the markets and growing security issues in various regions of the world create an increasing concern from many of our clients in Asia and Middle East, Luxury Capital Partners (LCP) has decided to dedicate more energy, manpower and time to clients seeking for urgent safe investments in countries that provide safety, discretion and stability.

LCP is proud to offer a dimension of exemplary quality services to both our corporate and UHNW individual clients mainly interested in withdrawing from the recent turbulent market conditions and investing in secure backup plans. This ranges from sourcing private high-end residential assets for private offices representing wealthy families and their children considering their upcoming university studies to acquiring significant amounts in commodities such as precious stones and metals (diamonds, sapphires, gold, silver) or artworks, with the intention to see the value of these assets appreciate over the next few years.

Current options that are available through our company to clients in need of a rapid assistance are:

  • Commercial, retail and hospitality real estate in secure and high valued locations around Europe and Switzerland
  • Luxury residential assets available to foreigners with full service package including residence permit
  • Building plots with granted construction permits available to foreigners including residence permit and tax rebate
  • Immediate investment options in gold and precious stones, and art investment

Currently Switzerland is one of the locations that retain our clients’ attention. Considered as a stable political system for more than 700 years without being member of the European Union, Switzerland offers high quality living standards with outstanding educational institutions ranking in the top 100 of the world’s best universities and an uncontestable quality of air that has an average result for Small Particle pollution (PM10) of 5 µg/m3 in 2015.

Why LCP?

A large majority of our clients, especially our respected clients from Asia and Middle East do not wish to speak to various counterparts for residence permits, insurance issues, development and construction, taking care of their lodging during their absence or helping them to acquire commercial assets for their company. They enjoy the possibility of having one sole communication partner, one face to refer to, throughout their entire decision-making process, especially if this can be done in their own native language, which we are proud to offer, of course.

Our company strives to bring together several professional backgrounds from different industries, giving clients alternative choices and angles to evaluate their potential investment projects. As such, no field of expertise is over represented in the company, which clearly offers a global view or a big picture to investors.

Unlike large investment sourcing companies, LCP provides a wide spectrum of diversity in cultures among its partners and associates, with many different professional backgrounds. We are global and yet distinct with a human scale service guaranteeing our international clients’ confidentiality. It is this unique feature that makes us exceptional in our relation with our international clients.

This allows us to limit all the necessary information with absolute confidentiality within a very restricted and exclusive circle of people. This helps to assure confidence and give full comfort to our most discerning clients who will appreciate to talk to one contact person only in the decision making process and develop a true relationship with us over the years, by their side.